• Vision of the orgnisation

    A well conserved Stone Town with a living heritage.

    Mission and Focus

    Mission Statement: To promote the conservation of Zanzibar Stone Town's heritage and the environmental and cultural welfare of its inhabitants.

    The main organs of Organisation

    The Organisation shall consist of the following organs.
    1. Annual General Meeting
    2. Council
    3. Board of Trustees

    To create and raise awareness of Stone Town's heritage and threats to its conservation.
    To provide technical support for maintenance and sustainable improvement of the built environment.
    To promote and coordinate training and education for enhancing economic and cultural activities of Stone Town's inhabitants.
    To support and create activities that celebrate and enhance the diversity of Stone Town culture.
    To build partnerships with public, private and community stakeholders.
    To lobby and influence policy and decision-making at the government and private sectors relating to Stone Town.

    To collect information on Stone Town and otherwise support relevant research.

    Our focus:
    The main activities of the ZSTHS concentrate on the following areas:
    Awareness creation
    Training and capacity building
    Community outreach and involvement
    Studies and research